Thursday, April 30, 2009

Stretchy Pants

For ninety nine percent of my life, I behave. Honest. I eat what I supposed to eat. I don't snack. I don't eat candy. I don't eat chips...

And then, there's that one percent. You know that one percent. It's the stuff that you only get to eat on special occasions. Stuff like warm chocolate pecan pie with vanilla ice cream. Or warm peach cobbler with vanilla ice cream. Or Chocolate Thunder from Down Under (pecan brownie, vanilla ice cream, and hot fudge) from Outback. Now that's a guilty pleasure.

Of course, sweets aren't the only guilty pleasures. There's pinto beans with cornbread, (lots of butter) and fresh spring onions. Or my mom's scalloped potatoes. Or my cousin's homemade pierogi. Yum. And of course that special pecan-sweet potato pie we have at Thanksgiving.

But for me? My downfall is homemade honey-oatmeal bread, fresh from the oven with butter and honey. The aroma is floating all through the apartment and the bread melts in your mouth. Pretty soon you notice that half the loaf is gone... Oooops! I guess you can figure out why I only make it once in a while--mostly for holidays.

Otherwise, I would need my stretchy pants every day!



  1. Damn it, Anny. NOw I'm hungry. I'll be wearing my 'stretchy pants' tomorrow. LOL

  2. Geeze, Anny, you are making me soooo hungry:)

  3. I was fine until you mentioned the bread. I've got three loaves of frozen bread dough left, and was saving them for a cold, rainy day. I guess today's wet enough...and I'm guilty for eating an entire loaf fresh out of the oven too!

    Diet? I'll go back on it tomorrow...

  4. You are reminding me of Joey in Friends when he wore his stretchy pants for Thanksgiving! The food sounds yummy!

  5. Oh wow does that sound delicious. Let me know next time you want to make some and I'll come help you eat it. For your protection, of course.

  6. Oh, Anny. Mouth watering here.

    Love bread!!!! Banana nut, sourdough, and...well, all of it really.