Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Energy Legs

Ugh. I was up all night with the twitchy legs and arms. Most likely the culprit is too much caffeine. But that doesn't help much when I'm thrashing around in the covers in the dark.

Part of it is also probably just nerves and excitement about traveling to RomantiCon, the conference Ellora's Cave organizes once a year in Akron, OH. What's it all about?

There are workshops for both readers and writers. Ahem...Cindy Pape and I are presenting a workshop on World Building. If you're attending RomantiCon please come on in.

And there are dinners and special evenings. This year the focus is the 1920s. I suspect there will be some pretty wild outfits. There's usually a fancy "awards" type dinner.

I don't want to fail to mention the Cavemen, some of the nicest (and sexiest) cover models around. They're all lovely gentlemen that have a great sense of humor. Oooooh-la-la.

On Sunday, there will be the booksigning. Imagine about seventy authors in one room all more than eager to talk to you the reader about their books. Of course, that's not the only opportunity there is to visit with authors. After all, they're busy roaming around the hotel for four days. Grab one and say "hello". Please. We're a pretty shy group.

All of which leads me back to the twitchy legs...we ARE a shy group. Mostly, we're stunned when a reader tells us they like our books. Actually, mostly we're stunned when we meet a "real" reader, period.

Yesterday I went to have a couple book covers printed to frame. One of the gals at the copy center was all excited about the new covers. She casually mentioned she had a bunch of my books--both print and e-book. Color me floored.

When her co-worker expressed some curiosity, it wasn't me explaining my books, but my secret reader. Wow! Isn't that what we pray for? Word of mouth.

So if you're hanging out at RomantiCon and wondering how to meet your favorite writer, please come right up and introduce yourself! I know all of us would love to meet you...even if the idea does give us twitchy legs!



  1. I couldn't have said it better and I've been having trouble sleeping too. :)

  2. I'm sooooooo jealous! But at least I'll have my own signings this weekend. And I know someone's been talking me up, because I've had two people ask me if I'll be at the Fall Festival on Sat. Always nice to learn people are talking about you in a GOOD way:) HAVE FUN!

  3. Have fun, Annie! Say hello to all those Cavemen!

  4. Shy? Some are, some aren't. I tend to believe if you make writing your life you can be overwhelmed by it. If it's a profitable pastime than it's just a game not to be taken so seriously