Tuesday, October 4, 2011


It's always hard to capture all the memories from a conference. Time rushes by in a streaming blur of encounters and events. Then with jarring abruptness, it's time to pack and leave.

There were some standout moments, of course. That first rush when you meet up with the friends you've been looking forward to seeing. The first time someone says, "I love your books." Pawing through the "goody" bags we always receive from our publisher every year...

But special moments were too numerous to capture.

Standing outside in the cold, windy dark as the Cavemen lit up the night with a fabulous fire dance.

Sitting around a table, sharing lunch with my first editor, Aussie Helen, and fellow authors (past and present) from the frog pond. Tasting Vegemite. And consuming Tim-Tams. Catching up with writers from all over the country--and some from much farther away.

Lining up with my fellow cave women on Friday night while we waited for dinner. There were a LOT of them in cheetah prints. *grin*

Checking out the futuristic costumes at the awards dinner on Saturday evening. Believe me, it was surreal. Eye-popping. Unbelievable. And then...

Receiving a Superstar Award for my Mystic Valley series was the cherry that topped off my weekend. I wasn't looking for that at all!

Finally, meeting lots of wonderful readers at the book signing on Sunday. That was great!

If I listed all the people I was thrilled to visit with this weekend, we would still be here next weekend. But my memories will carry me through for quite a while. And Boy Toy? Just know--I've got your back...any time.



  1. An awesome award for an awesome series:) And a pretty awesome author!

  2. Huge congrats and well deserved! Sounds like a great time this year. Wish I was there. :)

  3. Cool! I can't think of anyone more deserving!

  4. Guess, I should have read this blog before the next one:)
    Glad you brought back good memories.