Sunday, January 12, 2014

Anny's Rules for Life

1) When in doubt, order pizza. Any questions?

2) At every opportunity, take a nap. You can never tell where life will take you. It's always best to be prepared.

3) Drink lots of water. The body depends on a steady supply.

4) Always take a book to the bathroom...because you drank all that water.

5) Practice the quiet game everyday. Pray, meditate, simply breath and empty your mind of anxious thoughts.

6) Read at least one hour every day. If you read every time you go into the bathroom, you'll easily meet your goal.

7) Read labels. Because there's no telling what our food and other products contain.

8) Do slow stretches in bed before you get up. That way you won't spend your first hour on your feet walking like Frankenstein.

9) Slather cream on your feet everyday and wear socks. Pamper those puppies. They carry you around all day.

10) Do finger exercises before settling at the keyboard. You warm up other muscles before you exercise...

11) Smile frequently. The more you smile, the better your mood is, even if it's a crummy day.

12) Smile at strangers and wait for it...wait...yep, there it is! They smile back.

13) Randomly find something nice to say to people you meet in public. Even if they're cranky, they'll wonder what you're up to.

14) Take at least one moment to look out the window and be thankful for your world. Snow? Heat? Rain? Phft! All are temporary issues. On the whole, we have a beautiful home.

15) Find one thing every day that makes you happy. It might be the color of your nail polish. Maybe it's a flower blooming in the snow. Maybe a pet makes you smile, or you accomplish something you've worked hard for. If it's been a bad day, find TWO things that make you happy.

16) Choose someone in your life to deliberately encourage.

17) Sing in the shower. We don't spend enough time making a joyful noise.

18) Talk to yourself out loud. Especially, if you're angry. You'll find you sound remarkably silly. And it's nearly impossible to wind yourself up when it's not private.

19) Paint your toenails hot pink. Yes, even if you're a guy. No matter how old you are. Then savor having that bit of secret fun when the rest of you is all plain Jane or plain Joe.

20) Love something with all your heart. Hoarded love is worth nothing. Freely squander it for the best results.