Saturday, December 8, 2007

The Christmas Mouse

It was two days before Christmas and Herald, the Christmas Mouse was too tired to move. When humans started the Christmas Shopping Season, they didn't think about how hazardous all those busy shoppers were for the mice. Why, a mouse could barely scurry across the wide hallways in the mall without someone stepping on his tail--or worse! It was up to Herald to take care of all the tiny mouselets while their harried parents shopped.

Some of the mouse children didn't want to stay in the nursery. Some pulled on Herald's tail because they wanted to shop with their Mamas. There were fifteen children from the Snow family and they all wanted something to eat! Little Angela Tree sucked her paws and bawled for her Mama.

Herald ran from child to child, wiping whiskers, offering cheese crumbs and toys, and refereeing arguments between the two oldest boys in the Star family, Twinkle and Shiny. Herald desperately wanted a few minutes of quiet.
Then he heard a beautiful sound drift through the nursery door. It was the sound of someone singing. One by one the mouse children grew silent. As the singing grew louder, the mouselets all gathered on the rug in the center of the room and they sat down in small groups, listening carefully to the music. Soon Herald realized that some of them were humming the melody.
In the still, quiet nursery, Herald crept to the door and peeked out into the corridor. A young human woman sat on a bench in the center of the mall, singing all alone. People were smiling and stopping to listen. Cranky children who had been crying, grew quiet and leaned against their weary parents as the young woman continued to sing. Slowly, peace fell over the mall to the strains of a Christmas song. Then Herald recognized the music. She was singing the Christmas Lullaby--Silent Night.

Herald turned to look at the mouse children and saw that they were all asleep. Twinkle Star was even snoring!

Softly, Herald crept out to the young woman and stood near her foot with his whiskers twitching and his beady little eyes shining, listening to the beautiful song. And then, wonder of wonders, she bent and offered him a perch on her fingers. It seemed to him that she even perhaps invited him to sing with her.

Suddenly, Herald wasn't so tired. He opened his tiny mouth and began to sing. And as he sang with all his heart, the Christmas Spirit swelled within him so much that when the song was finished, he roared out, "Merry Christmas Everybody!"

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The Saga

“I’ve been monitoring your activities.”

Great, another weirdo in her life. “Why?”

“There is a great Armada amassing in Belching Beelzebub’s Bay. We need your help with the Captain.”

Emmeline narrowed her eyes. She knew only one Captain and she would rather eat dirt than get involved with him again. “Nuh uh…”

And now...

Emmeline stooped down and scooped up a handful of dirt.

“What’re you doin’, Em?” Wendell demanded.

“After last time, I said that I would eat dirt before I would get involved with prissy Jack again. So I’m eatin’ dirt,” she informed him in no uncertain terms. “Nothing could convince me to have anything to do with that pirate.”

Wendell frowned at her in disapproval. “That’s just selfish and mean. If the Captain carries out his plan, there won’t be any Christmas this year. Don’t you care whether or not the littlies have Christmas?”
“Not particularly,” she snorted impatiently with her clenched fists on her hips. “Wendell, look at me. Do I look like Christmas material to you?”

“Well…” He scratched his stubbled chin thoughtfully. “Now that you mention it, I have to admit that it will take a bit of a makeover. The thing is,” he rashly admitted in a rush, “you’re the only one Jack will listen to. He has this crazy notion that if there’s no Christmas, people will stop coming to the Caribbean for their holidays and his treasure will be safe.”

Emmeline’s eyes began to glow. “Treasure? Did you say treasure?”

“Now, Em,” Wendell backpedaled nervously. “You didn’t hear it from me…”

“Treasure,” she crooned. “Why didn’t you say so! Of course, I’ll help you with Jack!” She tossed the handful of dirt away and dusted off her fingers. “All right then. Tell me your plan.”

“My plan? I thought you would have a plan.” Wendell’s eyes began to cross.

She stared at him thoughtfully. “My plan…”


  1. What a wonderful story. Thank you.

    Vicky B

  2. I loved the Christmas mouse story:)

  3. My kids loved this story when I read it to them. Thanks Anny.

  4. That was a wonderful story. I could just see it like the illustrations were in my head, the picture book being displayed for Christmas shoppers. That was a great story.

  5. Thank you to all of you who commented. I'm happy that you enjoyed the story!