Saturday, December 22, 2007

Shopping in the Age of Sam's and Walmart

Well we traveled most of the day on Friday, finally arriving at our destination at four p.m. It was a long day. Then we unloaded the truck. The truck was packed to the roof and everything had to be carried up a steep flight of stairs. By the time everything was carried in, I was one tired Nanna.

My daughter arrived home from work and we set off to do the grocery shopping at Sam's and Walmart. It took awhile. We didn't arrive back home until after ten p.m.... and still had to carry the groceries up the same steep stairs and and put them away.

For this Nanna, is was all overwhelming. I'm used to going to the grocercy store, picking up a few things for the house hunk and myself and going home. The five hour super shopping spree left me ready for bed. I hope that everyone has their entries in for the Twelve Days of Romance Contest because time is nearly up.

Until tomorrow!


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  1. Poor Nanna...go to bed. You need to be refreshed for the draw of the christmas comp tomorrow.

  2. Five hours? Was it the crowd that made it take so long? Have one of the kids give you a foot massage and get some rest! Glad you made it safely, and have a Merry Christmas:)

  3. I'm glad to hear you arrived safely.

    I am not going near a Walmart store until Jan. 2 at the earliest. The ones near me are a nightmare right now.

  4. Enjoy the family, dear. You deserve it! Be safe.