Monday, June 2, 2008

Sweet tooth

Why do you suppose it is that we love sweets so much more than other stuff like say... vegetables? I happen to like vegetables--broccoli, green beans, tomatoes, bean-beans, all that good stuff. But I have to confess that if the choice was between a big ol' hunk of broccoli or a big ol' slab of chocolate cheesecake--well, I would have to think about that for a while. Say...five seconds. Maybe four.

Of course everyone has their favorite weakness. Some like ice cream. Some like fudge. And a few really go for bread pudding with rum sauce or tirimasu. Yummmm. I am kinda partial to that last one. About twice a year I actually go to a restaurant where they serve it. And I feel intensely guilty for indulging for about five seconds.

For whatever reason, sweet satisfies in a way that nothing else does. Steak is wonderful. Baked potatoes are fabulous. A huge fresh salad is spectacular. But ultimately, none of them satisfy on the same level as a bowl of chocolate almond chip ice cream. Nothing. Except perhaps to add peanut butter sauce and some cherries.

So tell me, my friends... what's your downfall?



  1. Depend on mood - generally anything with empty calories...and champagne. I love champagne

  2. Decadent chocolate although champagne is a close second. Only problem is it makes me extremely unpredictable.

  3. I go through stages of craveables. Sushi rice was it for me at one point. Right now Hershey's (odd since I don't much care for American chocolate, raspberry iced tea and recently, roasted spicy seaweed sheets. I never seem to tire of edamame though.

  4. I'm still on Chex mix and Recee Cups. Also Dove chocolates:)

  5. My biggest weakness, other than my Nieces & Nephews must be strawberries with chocolate and whipped cream. Preferably with shortcake or chocolate cheesecake.
    Chocolate ice cream with melted marshmallows and almonds, hot banana bread pudding with a glass of milk, and crepes with vanilla cream cheese and boysenberries on top. Those three tied for second place.