Monday, November 10, 2008

Grin and Bear It

"Smile! You're on Candid Camera!" I remember watching that show back when I was much younger. What drew us to that show? Laughter. Personally I never got into those funny video shows because I didn't find them funny. And most of the sit-coms are so unfunny that they put a laugh track on them so we'll know when to laugh.

When's the last time that you laughed with genuine joy and humor? Do you remember? It occurred to me that I haven't laughed in a while. I've smiled. I've grinned. But I haven't laughed that belly laugh that makes your ribs hurt and your eyes water. Does that mean that there's nothing worthy of laughter?

Or have we become so jaded that we've forgotten how to laugh? I think that part of it is that laughter has gotten mean. We don't laugh at innocent things anymore. Have you noticed that so many of the movie laughs are based on laughing at instead of laughing with the characters?

Back in the sixties, Disney came out with a wonderful string of non-animated films that were hilariously funny. I still love watching them. Parent Trap (the original), With Six You Get Eggroll, Apple Dumpling Gang. So many more...

How about the John Wayne movie McClintock? Or the James Garner movie Support Your Local Sheriff? Every time I think about James Garner's character facing the gunslinger in the center of town with nothing in his hands but a bunch of rocks, I have to laugh.

What about books? I love reading books that make me laugh. Open Season by Linda Howard has a scene that makes me laugh so hard that I cry... no matter how many times I read it! Sprig Muslin by Georgette Heyer is one book that I laughed so hard I fell out of my chair. Hmmm. I need to pull that one out and read it again!

This week in all the hustle and bustle of getting ready for the holidays, find the opportunity to laugh. Really laugh hard. Because laughter is one of God's greatest gifts. On this 10th day of November let us be thankful for laughter. It really is the best medicine!



  1. I'm very lucky in that my husband makes me laugh every day. I do the same thing for him...sometimes unintentionally. *g*

    Laughter is a wonderful thing. It just makes you feel good.

  2. Other good books for laughs: Bingo by Rita Mae Brown. The scene is one where some elderly ladies go after each other with their Bingo dabbers and come out looking like they've got a disease. And don't forget High Hearts by RMB in which a main characters muses on the nature of God: "What if we're all praying to an artichoke?" I laughed so hard Pepsi squirted out my nose.

    Must go back and re-read it ...

  3. I'm a sucker for funny stuff. Movies, books and PEOPLE. I love anything by Rachel Gibson, Sandra Hill, Susan Andersen and Susan Elizabeth Phillips. Sandra Hill is my absolute favorite.

  4. I love The Apple Dumpling Gang! And the original Pink Panther movies, esp Return of the Pink Panther. That scene where Cluseau is trying to get into the castle? Priceless!

  5. How about a book by Anny Cook? Chrysanthemum is roll-on-the-ground funny. I'm of the opinion that laughter is a necessary part of life.

  6. Good Omens by Neil Gaiman and Terry Prachett has casued me so much public embarrassment, but I like to think I sold a few more copies of that book. :)

    I never really thought about it, but I honestly laugh almost every single day - often so hard that I cry. The majority of it is brought of by my kids and friends. I guess I'm really lucky. :) Thanks for pointing that out to me, Sweet Anny.

  7. I laughed just last weekend with my friends. But before that it was much too long.