Saturday, November 22, 2008

Logging off...

Well, for the next few days I will be offline as I spend the week with my parents. They don't have a computer, internet service, and the closest internet access (public) is about 25 miles away. It is most unlikely that I will be on the computer so I'll be writing and scheduling blogs for the week.

I hope you all will still stop by occasionally as I'll be looking forward to your comments when I get back to civilization. In the meantime, please have a fabulous, safe Thanksgiving if you are in the USA. If not, I still wish you a wonderful week.

Yesterday, I started off the day by getting a hair cut. Then we all went to visit relatives where we discussed family history and looked at pictures... old pictures. They sent me off with a pile of photos to copy and return the originals at my leisure. We also had a chat with their donkeys and walked around on the old home place (ca. 1890s).

Today we'll straighten up, pack most of our gear in preparation for taking off first thing Sunday morning. Later today, my aunt and uncle have invited some more relatives over for dinner in honor of my birthday. Yep. Today I'm another year older. I've finally reached the stage when it's a good thing to have another birthday!

Odds and ends: Gas in Norman, OK. $1.63/gal. Today is the big OU/Texas Tech game here. Traffic is unbelievable. Weather is 38 F.

On this 22nd day of November, I'm very thankful to reach another birthday!



  1. Happy birthday. Have a great week.

    We're practically twins. :)

    Yep, next year we'll have to celebrate together.

    Have a great week with your parents.

  2. Oh well, you just missed out on being a true Scorpio....happy trails to you

  3. Happy birthday Anny. Have a wonderful visit.