Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Scary dreams

I didn't sleep well last night because of the dreams. I don't usually remember dreaming so this was a rare thing for me. And it was disturbing.

I didn't have nightmares. I had weird disjointed bits of dreaming. Subject matter was varied. Tupperware. Writing on the wall. Pizza. Plastic craft containers. Hearts punched into the wall paper. Potato chips. Weird stuff.

There was no coherency to the mish-mosh. The dreams were more like a series of slides, presented for my observation. As far as I can tell, they're not related to anything in my life in the last week or two, at least. There was just this overwhelming collection of unrelated images that had no meaning for me.

The way it worked was this...I dreamed, I woke, I dreamed, I woke...all night long. So today, I have a tad of brain freeze. Some parts of the dreams are still disturbingly vivid. I was trying to match Tupperware lids to their containers. Some nebulous entity kept taking them off and putting them on the wrong containers. What's up with that?

Another scene was a wall outside a bathroom (not my current bathroom and not one I remember having anywhere I've lived, but I KNEW it was a bathroom). The wall was covered with tiny hearts drawn with colored magic markers. I remember believing my two granddaughters were responsible for the decorations.

In one brief flicker, I was trying to eat a piece of pizza, but it kept sliding away. That scene is frustratingly vague. I don't know whether I was holding the pizza or someone else was.

In any case, I suspect that's why I don't "remember" any of my dreams. To do so would make me crazier than I am. I like things nice and orderly and my dream world last night was anything but orderly.



  1. My son keeps a dream diary. But, I'm like you. I very rarely remember my dreams.

  2. Hmmmm wonder where tupperware fits in Freud's interpretation of dreams...

  3. I was wondering the same thing, Cindy!

    I wish I couldn't remember my dreams.

  4. Wow! Sounds like my night last night! Must be going around. I do like potato chips! Kettle chips, to be exact.

  5. Some nights are just weird like that. Random snippets of stuff. Interesting stuff, though.

  6. I have nights like that, Anny. It's kind of crazy when you wake up and start remembering what you were just dreaming.

    Zombie dreams, dreams with Bob Barker on a cruise ship...I know, that one was nuts. Random weirdness. You just have to laugh.