Thursday, May 13, 2010

Chasing your tail...

Last night I played Wii bowling with the house hunk, my daughter and her SO. I was doing pretty good. And then...

The dog started chasing her tail. First to the right. Then to the left. Right. Left. Very difficult to bowl when the dog's chasing her tail. BTW, I bowled 181 that game.

That's pretty much how life is these days. It's not so much that I'm chasing my tail... but everyone around me is. That can be distracting, you know? In our wild world it's harder and harder to take time to just think.

Jane and I had a discussion about waiting rooms (doctor's waiting rooms to be specific). She was of the opinion the time spent there was wasted. I think it might be "found" time. Time to read a book. Or time to think. Or even time to dream.

Of all the things from my childhood, I miss the ability to daydream the most. It was an acceptable past time back then.

"Whatcha doin', Anny?"

"Just thinkin'."

And then your friend would plop down beside you and you'd spend time thinking. Or imagining wonderful, amazing things. Now if a kid sits around thinking, his parents haul him off to a therapist because obviously he must have something wrong with him. Original thoughts might be dangerous. Goodness knows there aren't very many of them floating around.

I wonder if life on the planet would be different if we all had to spend two hours a day on recreational thinking. No distractions. Just silence and thought. Think about it! Shut down everything from noon until two pm everyday and dedicate that time to thinking.

Sure, some people would sleep, but that's okay. That's just another way of thinking. Meditation. Being one with the mattress. Yeah. I could go for that.

I bet there would be people who couldn't sit still that long. You know those women who just can't relax. They'd be thinking about the laundry or dishes or some other bit of work that needed to be done. Those people are born tail chasers.

When I was a kid we spent about half an hour everyday on our knees next to the bed. We were supposed to be talking to God. Of course, that wasn't always the case. Some people did but others thought about ways to make their vegetables grow bigger or how to get that ding out of the front fender. Whatever they were thinking about it was quiet time. More importantly, it was sanctioned quiet time.

One of the major problems people deal with in this country is a whole slew of sleep disorders. I wonder if thirty minutes of meditation before bed would alleviate some of those problems.

What do you think? Would life improve if we just stopped chasing our tails?



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  2. I think it would be far easier if I HAD a tail to chase. Um...that sounds like a major Freudian slip there. Maybe I should revise that to, I don't chase my tail because I get too damn dizzy turning in tight circles. Also, I end up spending about three hours lying in bed before dropping off to sleep, thinking about all the stuff that is going on in my life. And the lives of my family. And the world in general.

    I nev er had a bit of trouble getting to sleep before but now? Sheesh.

  3. I'm one of those people who never sits still. My 'meditation time' is my writing time. Every time I think about quitting my writing I wonder "what would I do with that free time?"

    I figure when I have a good answer for that, that's the day I quit...

  4. Oh I love this post Anny. I'm one of those who takes time out of my day to think about things. Yes, I may fall asleep, but I need that time. I lay on the couch, close my eyes and think about my stories or any issues going on with my life. I'm usually in a better place afterwards. Not always, but most times.

    I can't imagine what the world would be like if we all took 2 hours a day or even 30 mins, but I'd love to see it! :)

  5. I'm all for the afternoon nap:)

    The only time I have trouble getting any shut-eye is when I drink too much caffeine...

    As for waiting rooms, I used to write or read. And I used to complain about waiting for kids to come to the car. Now, that's practically my ONLY reading time anymore. I arrive 30 minutes early, for the 'prime' parking spot, shut off the engine, and read to my heart's content. Same way with after school practices. Or crit group meeting when nobody shows, hee hee:)

  6. Excellent concept! Yes, quiet time is good for the soul. And honestly, its a great time to come up with plots and characters!

  7. You know those women who just can't relax. They'd be thinking about the laundry or dishes or some other bit of work that needed to be done.

    This is me, but I don't think of it as chasing my tail - just being one person with a few too many hats.

    I actually look forward to waiting rooms and such - sanctioned down time!

  8. Not much of a tail chaser yet I've been doing some of that lately. Must decompress, I think.

  9. Heh, Jenyfer! Never meant that to refer to moms with little ones. I have a sister-in-law though that's my age. That woman can not sit down. She just can't. She has a bunch of stress related illnesses. It just seems she'd be better off if she could handle some down time!

  10. Ladies, I appreciate every one of your comments--whether you're a tail chaser or not!

  11. So happy to give you some "thinking time". Be happy to do it again next week. The lunch that follow my miserable appointment, along with your down time makes it all that much better.

    Shhh! Our secret..


  12. You're a wise woman, Miss Anny.