Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Whenever I have reader chats, inevitably I get questions about when I'm going to write a book for so-and-so. And the answer? Maybe never.

Not all characters present their creator with a story. Actually, most of them don't. Or some of them nudge the writer with their story two or three years later. The character that speaks to multiple readers might be silent to the author.

I have a wishlist of characters my readers want stories for...a long wishlist. On one hand, that's a wonderful review of the characters I've created. On the other hand, not all characters will have their own story.

Sometimes I can give my readers a little bit by offering them glimpses of the character in a secondary capacity in a story. But as a reader myself, I know that isn't always satisfactory. When a secondary character grabs you by the throat and hangs on, you want to know what their story is! You demand it.

One of my all time favorite secondary characters is Cat in The Windflower by Laura London (Tom and Sharon Curtis). For many years I waited in vain for them to write Cat's story. A couple years back I finally read an interview in which they said they'd never planned to write Cat's story. So sad...

When my readers ask me about writing a story for a secondary character, I try to be honest and up-front with them. Some characters aren't speaking to me. Some aren't ready. And some may never be ready. That's reality.

Having said that...who knows? One of them could suddenly wake up and demand to have his or her story told. It's been known to happen.

So tell me. Who is the secondary character you want a story for? It doesn't have to be one of mine... Tell me why you want the story told.



  1. For the first time, I have a secondary character who has no lines whatsoever, and he's a very important character. Interesting...

  2. I've only had one secondary character speak to me to write his story, which was unplanned. I normally know going in if they'd have a story.
    I must say it is a true testament of your writing that readers are constantly requesting more from yours. Kudos!

  3. I'm going to write Swerve's story - had a lot of requests and it's time to let that dude out

  4. Amarinda, I LOVE Swerve...

    Amber, thank you! Most of mine weren't planned. LOL

    Julia, Whatcha gonna do with him???

  5. You're right. If that character is not whispering in your ear, its not a-gonna happen, no matter how much we wish it to.

  6. The last two brothers in Elizabeth Lowell's Donovan family. Sigh.