Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Things I Miss

There are some things I wish were still around. You know...like the telephone. Sorry. A cell phone is not a telephone. A cell phone is a collar and leash. Just when you believe you've escaped from the constant demands of the world around you, it rings, reminding you of your servitude.

In the old days when you walked away from home or the office, there was that zesty feel of freedom. Freedom! Nobody could reach you. Children made independent decisions based on the skills you'd taught them. Your co-workers actually had to think and act on their own. Bill collectors and importune friends were out of luck when you went shopping or heck...just for a walk.

I miss the telephone because you could attach a gizmo to the handset, perch it on your shoulder and get on with life. No plugs in the ears or craning your neck to hold the two-by-five-inch piece of crap next to your ear.

I miss the days before call waiting when the line was busy. If people wanted to talk to you they called back!

I miss the days when I didn't know all the personal business of total strangers. I didn't have to hear how Susie is pregnant and George is sleeping with that witch that lives next door. I didn't know that the lady next to me on the bus was dodging bill collectors or the man at the next table in the restaurant hasn't paid his rent in three months.

I miss the days when I could sit peacefully in a public restroom taking care of business without having to know all about how Tiffany isn't sure who the baby's father is.

I miss the days when the news media had a clue about classified and top secret. And I especially miss the days when the media didn't insist on sharing every single gory detail of every single crime they reported. There are some things I don't need to know.

I miss the days when underwear was worn beneath the outer wear and the only person who knew what color underwear you were wearing was your spouse or your mother. If you were old enough, not even your mother knew.

I miss the days when no one felt compelled to share the most intimate details of their lives on television. I miss the days when dignity and sobriety were the norm and drunkenness was something people were ashamed of. I miss the days when people didn't go to the store in their pajamas and robe. Heck, they didn't even go to the front porch to get their paper in the morning unless they were dressed.

I really miss the days when our fellow countrymen paid more than lip service to our flag and national anthem. You might remember...back when men removed their hats and people stood respectfully quiet or even actually singing! I miss the days when people were proud to be an American and showed it by displaying the flag every day instead of only when our country has suffered a trauma.

I miss the day when young people strived for decency and respect.

Yes, I know the past wasn't perfect. Neither is the present. And some days that is more apparent than other days.

Blessings on your day.



  1. I loathe call waiting. I cannot understand how people have ipod attachments stuck in their ear and everyone around them can hear their music. And I cannot fathom why peoplE still drive and send text messageS at the same time. BLOODY STOP IT. IT'S DANGEROUS YOU NONG HEADS

  2. I hear you on the Nat'l Anthem, the news media, talk shows, and people who talk incessantly into their cell phones! If my phone rings when I'm in a public place, I excuse myself and go outside, or at least somewhere private (it's our only phone at the moment). Normally, I'd only turn my cell on if I needed it, and I still tend to leave it at home sometimes. I have voice mail; they'll call back or leave me a message.

    The last two years, we've hosted holidays where nearly every single member of our adult guests arrived with the blue tooth thingys in their ears. Very annoying, and thankfully, due a divorce in their family (and another member getting a large house!) we no longer have to host them:) Easter was soooooo much quieter, lol!

  3. I think we have gotten to use to all the technology we have that we have forgotten a time when we did not have it...