Thursday, June 2, 2011

I Know...

Things I know...

Always carry tissues with you when using a public restroom. There's nothing worse that running out of toilet tissue.

Don't drink coffee after noon. It gives you heartburn, restless legs syndrome, and keeps you awake.

Never try to change another person's mind. It makes them cranky and they will dig in their heels, clinging to their own opinion.

When they do change their mind, don't say "I told you so."

When the heat index is above a hundred, the air quality is orange, and the pollen count is high, if you have asthma, you should stay inside. Unless of course, you don't need to breathe.

No one ever melted from going out in the rain, but you can get very wet and cold.

Some people should not have kids, cats, dogs, guinea pigs or rabbits. Maybe they shouldn't even have snakes or lizards. Pet rocks were made especially with these people in mind.

Turning on Facebook first thing in the morning is a guarantee that no work will be accomplished until noon.

Ditto twitter.

The most beautiful places on Earth are the least accessible to humans. That's why they're the most beautiful places on Earth.

There is a direct correlation between distance from home and the stupidity of a tourist. However, with the internet, the tourist should understand that distance is non-existent.

Never leave home looking less than picture perfect--especially if you are going to Wal-Mart.

You can never have too many beads, balls of yarn, sticky notes, pens, or pads of paper. Extra scissors, rulers, and markers are optional.

Never leave home without a book...or two. Taking a digital reader is even better.

Never leave home without paper, pens, tissues, your asthma inhaler, your brush, spare string, Swiss Army knife and duct tape. I can guarantee you'll need it if you forget it.



  1. Great list. I really like the pet one and the beautiful places in the world. So true!

    Happy Thursday!

  2. You and your duct tape - I swear in a crisis I want to be with you!

  3. And how large is your purse Anny? Or do you just carry a large duffel bag? LOL:)

  4. You stop drinking coffee at noon?