Thursday, May 23, 2013

Cow in My Sidecar

Some days life is...odd. Nothing unfolds according to plan. Weirdness litters our paths. You know--we have a cow in our sidecar.

Such days are NOT catastrophic or disastrous. We've all had those types of days, weeks, even years. No, cow in the sidecar days require something different from us. They require humor and adaptability. They are exactly the days that we have to laugh lest we cry.

I've had many days like this. The Thanksgiving the turkey exploded all over my new kitchen. The morning my young sons decided to build a campfire in their bedroom (after carefully protecting the carpet with a layer of newspapers). The afternoon my toddler daughter decorated her crib and wall with the contents of her diaper after waking very quietly from her nap. The afternoon my granddaughter poured furniture stain on my couch. And the list is endless.

A few people have more cow-in-sidecar days than not. I do. Perhaps my attitude toward life is due to my vast experience with such days. There have been days when I crammed two or three cows in the sidecar and barreled on down the road of life. What else is there to do?

During the last few years I have observed a certain class of people who do NOT deal well with the minor difficulties in life. I suspect these folks don't recognize the terrible monster in their sidecar is really just a cow. They moan and whine and scream about the terror riding with them when in reality the terror is merely a little lagniappe tossed in their life to liven things up. I feel sad for such folks because they never build coping skills to deal with the real demons in life.

How about you? Do you have many cows in your sidecar?



  1. I believe if you have not grown up with realistic parents who taught you that crap happens and you have to deal with it without whining or falling apart, because you only have yourself to depend on, are screwed. Not me. If all the cows don't fit then they travel with the chickens and the ducks in the caravan being towed by the sidecar

    1. No, I didn't mention the trailer...thought I would save that for another blog. :-)

  2. Yes, lots of cows. Cows are part of life. However cows are also why I don't plan all that far ahead.

    1. Ah, yes. Exactly. Cows are part of life.