Friday, May 24, 2013

Good Eats

A friend asked me what my plans were for the weekend... BBQ, maybe? Nah.

I think I must be missing the BBQ gene. When I was a kid (back in the 50's) outdoor eats consisted of cold fried chicken and raw veggies. Or peanut butter sandwiches. Once in a while our family would find a dry wash in the desert, build a little fire and roast hotdogs and marshmallows on straightened wire coat hangers.

Grilling or cooking over a fire was reserved for rough camping--not the backyard. Civilized people ate in the house. If you were entertaining, the whole point was to impress your guests with your cooking skills and gracious table-settings.

Actually, I'm not all that enamored with hamburgers. Or hot dogs. If I'm going to eat a steak or fish, I prefer a nice sit-down in a restaurant. And I'm allergic to chicken...

Now I understand the attraction of a backyard BBQ if you're entertaining a lot of people. I was one of seventeen grandchildren on my dad's side of the family. When we all gathered, there was usually a crowd of about thirty. Of course, it was easier to move the party outdoors. It isn't my preference, though.

During my growing-up years, I had favorite dishes. My stepmother's potato salad. Ambrosia salad. Corn on the cob. Brisket. Home-made yeast rolls. Most of that is no longer on my list of acceptable foods.

Maybe...I'll have a nice piece of salmon and some green beans. Yeah...

Have a peaceful holiday of remembrance.


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