Wednesday, June 17, 2015

The Code

Everyone everywhere should have a personal code that governs their behavior. Some folks might have more 'Thou Shalt Nots' in their codes, others may have a couple of rules that cover everything they expect to deal with in life.

My own code is pretty basic:

1. Treat everyone like I want to be treated, but don't expect others to ascribe to my code and don't take it personally if they choose to live by their own code.

2. Don't assume my fellow man has my best interests in his heart.

3. Defend and protect the helpless, the young, the small, the elderly, and the wounded.

I could add a fourth one...Only trust those who have demonstrated their trustworthiness. Or maybe Trust, but verify.

As I read through the news and my Facebook newsfeed, it seems to me that people in general don't have a code. At least, if they do, it's not very concrete. A lot of them appear to switch codes whenever they find something they like better. That's not the way it works. Probably that's why we're in such a mess.

If everyone had a code they'd worked out for themselves--and they stuck to it--life would be simpler. Of course a code is personal. Except for protection of those individuals in #3 of my code, you can't impose your code on someone else--not even a spouse or partner. They need to decide on their own code.

A lot of people count on organized religion or a deity to tell them what their code should be. The problem with that is they generally don't like the entire list of rules in the code. And once they break one rule, they figure what the heck, why not break a few more? That's the thing about letting someone else decide your code.

I mentioned in #1 that I don't expect others to live by my code. If fewer folks tried to impose their code on their fellow man, our world would be far more peaceful. And if our civil code was simpler, there would be less work for the peacekeepers and lawyers. Really, we only need a few basics.

1. Don't murder.
2. Don't assault your fellow man, woman or child.
3. Don't abuse animals.
4. Don't steal from anyone.
5. Don't bear false witness (perjury).

That's about it. I wonder what life would be like if everyone lived by the code?


  1. We have many discussions in my house about issues that ultimately boil down to the having and/or the lack of having a 'moral compass'.

  2. It's like the Noah Code. Let's see-

  3. Yes! Thanks for posting, Julia!