Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Last Man Standing by Janet Davies from Cerridwen Press

I seldom get too excited by the men on our covers. They're attractive, but -- they're men. Young and cookie cutter pretty. The young man that posed for the cover for Last Man Standing isn't pretty. He's attractive, masculine, and perfect for the character of Alex, the hero of Last Man Standing.

The book is the sequel to Swift of Heart which I reviewed a while back. While strictly speaking you could read this book as a stand alone because Janet did such an excellent job of providing backstory for the book, I'm one of those people who insist on reading books in sequence. And that's my personal recommendation.

Swift of Heart is the story of Mackinley Swift, a warrior from another dimension, and Stephanie Hart, regular girl about town from Brisbane. Alex Navarro is Mac's best friend. And the heroine of Last Man Standing is Stephanie's sister, Amy Hart. Cozy arrangement there. No problems with the inlaws this way, right?

Alex arrives from his home dimension to warn Amy that she's in danger. She doesn't take the news very well. She handles the sudden attraction between them with even less enthusiasm. But Alex is not put off by her prickly attitude. Inevitably, they become lovers, fall in love and Alex panics because....there is a prophecy.

It's been my experience that if at all possible, men will choose the worst interpretation of the future. I believe it's in their genes. Alex automatically decides that he will endanger Amy if he stays with her so after repudiating her, he returns home.

Fast forward a few months..."I am not the father." Surprise!

Does Alex ever acknowledge parentage? Do they catch the bad guys? Do Amy and Alex get together in the end? Or does she keep insisting that she won't have him even if he's the Last Man Standing? Quick, go directly to Cerridwen Press and grab your copy of the delightful story Last Man Standing by Janet Davies.


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  1. Gosh that sounds like a great book Anny. I wonder if I know this Janet Davies. I live in Brisbane too...hmmm. I am sure she would be pleased with your review

  2. Excellent review, Anny:) This one's already on the list...

  3. Janet's always a good bet to purchase. Well done Anny!

    Oh and I'm doing fine. Encouragement is great but overrated beyond a point. That points been located. :)

  4. Anny,

    I love your books. I love your blog. I even love your friends books. But I will not be held responsible for the over limit charges if you review more good books on your blog. I just can't handle it. My statements are too long already.

    Seriously, sounds awesome. I too insist on reading books in a series in order. (If the writers will write them that way... oh wonderous writer with a prequel out after the first two books are published!)

    Will be adding these to my long To be Bought, to be read list. (TBB,TBR)

    Susie AKA Susilien

  5. Hi Susie! How are you feeling? Almost over the pneumonia?

  6. Loved Amarinda's comments:) heh heh
    Can't wait to read these.

  7. I loved Swift of Heart and I can't wait to read Last Man Standing. I've already got it loaded on my ereader waiting it's turn.