Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Titus and Tanzi

A while back I took a... challenge to write a story about a were-tick. Several of us were acting quite silly, but another fellow author, Cindy told the group that if anyone could do it, Anny could. So here I am with the story, K.Z.! Silly, no doubt, but it has all the elements, including a happy ending.

Titus and Tanzi

With dread Titus pushed open the door at the We Kill’em Bug Lab. Time was running out for his colony. If the head researcher didn’t find out which species of tick was responsible for the spread of Rocky Horror fever, all ticks would be listed on the government’s eradication list.

He shook his head in dismay. What would he tell his colony? Already the ticks had a bad reputation because of that deer tick colony over in Lyme. No one wanted to even admit that they had been to the east coast, let alone used to live there. It was a bad situation.

He hurried down the hall, hoping to reach the lab before Hairy Spider checked in. Hairy thought the only important research was on the Fiddlebacks. Pul-lease. What was wrong with warning the humans to make sure that they didn’t get near them? They were supposed to be the creatures with the brains, right?

Hairy’s sheepdog, Argus, guarded the lab door. Argus growled at Titus. Titus eyed the abundant crop of tangled hair on Argus’ back. Just look at it. You could hide three or four colonies in that mess. He considered summoning the colony soccer team to check old Argus out, but regretfully decided against it. At the moment, only Argus was growling at him. If things got worse, then would be the time to pull out the big guns.

He stopped in the lab door and stared at the woman he loved with all his heart. Her dark curly hair was fastened back with a clip. He wanted to lick her and suck her neck until there was no tomorrow. But that wasn’t in the cards. They were on opposite sides of the bug fence. She thought the only good bug was a dead bug. And he, a were-tick, wouldn’t like to be a dead one.

He cleared his throat and went in. Hanging around in the hall wasn’t going to help. “Tanzi?” Her head jerked up as she shot him a glance over her shoulder.

“Titus? What are you doing here? Don’t you know how dangerous it is for you to be here?” she demanded fiercely. "The Feds are getting ready to declare war on all ticks!" She hissed in frustration. "I know I'm missing something, but I just can't figure out what!"

He stared at her with horrified consternation. "You know about me? How?"

Tanzi peered at him over the top of her reading glasses. "Titus, I'm a bug specialist. Did you think I wouldn't know a tick when it's standing in front of me? How could I not know? Just look at your eyes, for crying out loud!"

"But don't you care? I mean, doesn't it bother you?" he asked in growing bewilderment.

"If I didn't like bugs, why would I specialize in them?" she asked matter of factly. "Besides, my Grandpa was a were-flea. I know all about having to hide your true nature."

"Tanzi? Do you think there's hope for you and me?" He drummed his fingers on her desk while he nervously waited for her reply.

She snorted and then chuckled. "Well, Titus, I would say that depends on you. I know a nice hefty pain in the butt with O positive blood. What do you think?"

"Tomorrow night? Seven o'clock? I'll pick you up at your place." Titus leaned across the desk and kissed her tenderly. "You're one in a million..."


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  1. Classic! I love the line about her grandfather being a were-flea - you are going to continue this I hope...

  2. I love it! LOL - I have to admit that I'm terrified of ticks (I'm from Minnesota - one of the Lyme disease capitals) but your creative talent shined through.

  3. I love being an instigator. Told you you could do it.

  4. This is great:) I also love the were-flea! Keep going Anny...I want more!

  5. And beloved Argus!! I love the comment about housing three colonies on his butt. Oh and the sucking her til morning thing!! Something only a true were-tick would say, I'm sure.

    Kerin!! MN? Twin Cities area? Member of MFW by any chance?

  6. Just downloaded Dancer's Delight, Anny. I'll have time to read it this afternoon, and I'll let you know what I think of it:)

  7. I never doubted you for a minute, Anny. I knew you'd make it great as soon as the challenge was issued. To be continued? Please!