Monday, August 31, 2009

Bad job, bad job...

So. Someone I know left their job, pulled up stakes, moved across country, relocated... all based on a wonderful job offering. Except the job from beginning to end was totally misrepresented. Totally.

Now they're broke. Their credit is screwed. They're basically homeless. And the job is untenable. What to do? Where to begin? I recommended another job might be a start. But it takes time to find another job.

In the meantime the bills keep piling up. The expenses keep piling up. And the temptation is to stay with the job because a check will eventually be handed out, even though it's costing more to stay in that job that the paycheck will amount to.

How to combat gross misrepresentation? You can't. But you can get out of that job ASAP and start looking for another. In the meantime, you can work at Burger King or Walmart or any number of other part-time jobs and work to stay afloat.

And don't give up. Keep on trying. Because nothing happens without a reason. No detour is unplanned. Every turn in the road leads to new possibilities. I firmly believe this.

And remember the most important part. We're all behind you, pushing you on your way.



  1. Things seem to happen for a reason, don't they?

  2. I completely agree there is a reason that job was pukeable. There is something much better about to happen...sometimes don't you just wish fate was a little clearer in it's mysterious ways?

  3. How true, Anny. Things do happen for a reason.

  4. That is just heartbreaking.
    I trust she gets back on her feet soon.

  5. Wishing that person all the best! I'm sure something good will come her way.

  6. Does your friend have a contract spelling out her supposed job? Wow. Hard thing to go through.
    But as you said, things happen for a reason...a new opportunity will appear.

  7. I've been at my current job for 15 years. Over the years a lot of other people thought it wasn't good enough and left for "better" things. Most of them were crying within a year, begging for their job back. Nowhere is perfect. My salary started pretty low but it's climbed over time - I'm still not a millionaire, but it's pretty good. My employer treats us well, provides a clean and pleasant working environment, and they treat us with respect. Sure, there are days I get annoyed with coworkers, bosses, or donors, but that's because we're human.

    Hugs to your friend. Actually, my pay was very low and quite a cut from what I had made from the previous job, so I know what you mean about taking a lesser job - at least for awhile to get back on your feet. Mine worked out very well. At least it helped through the interim.

  8. I'm sorry to hear your friend is going through such a hard time. I believe things happen for a reason. This could be an opportunity for great change, although, when you're going through something like this your biggest worry is keeping a roof over your head and food on the table. Hope everything works out for your friend.