Sunday, August 30, 2009

Kreativ Blogger

Hmmm. I've been nominated for the Kreativ Blogger award by fellow author Barbara Huffert (click on the icon). According to the rules, I need to tell you seven things about myself that are... not common knowledge. Since I'm a blabbermouth, it's hard to think of seven things I've never shared before but I'll try.

1) I'm a complete packrat. I'm working on this less than lovely trait, but I suspect that my children will have a real fun time after I die when they start sorting through my stuff, all the time wondering why I needed six tubes of Neosporin ointment or that pack of thirty disposable puddle pads or the thirty hi-lighters in that plastic bag.

2) I collect teeny, tiny boxes. I didn't start out collecting boxes, but after the first ten or fifteen people brought boxes back from foreign parts as souvenirs for me, I ended up with a collection. I'm now up to thirty-three plus boxes (including a lovely little lenox box, a wooden bullet box, two heart boxes plus boxes from China, Chile, Peru, Mexico, and a box from Africa).

3) I used to sew. Back in the beginning, I sewed because I had a lot of kids and no money. Then I sewed because I had no clothes and no money. Now I have enough clothes for three people... and still no money. So there's no need to sew.

4) When I worked at McDonald's (a long time ago) we were robbed. In that strange way that things happens, time both slowed down and speeded up so that certain events seemed to last forever and others passed so quickly that the memories are blurred. I can safely say that it's an experience I would not like to repeat.

5) I've seen UFO's on more than one occasion. Individuals who have never seen one find it hard to believe that such things exist. Note that I didn't say the sightings were flying saucers or other such phenomenon, but simply that they were certainly not familiar aircraft, nor were they ever identified satisfactorily by the local authorities. As to what the significance of the sightings might be, I can't say. Maybe the little green men are just checking up on me.

6) By the time I was forty years old, I had moved forty-one times, living in six states, attending nine schools in nine years in three states. I'm sure there is someone out there who's moved more than me, but I think that's a pretty respectable record.

7) In high school, I had perfect attendance, completing four years of school without a single absence. What does that say about me? I'm not sure... except that it was better to go to school a little sick than to stay at home a little sick. A sick day was not a fun day at my house. No TV. No radio. No books. Poached eggs on toast and hot tea. 'nuff said?



  1. Eeeewwww...poached eggs on toast for the sniffles? Nope! Hell no, mom...I'm going to school!

    Thanks for revealing all the fun things about our dear Anny!

  2. You had me at UFO sighting.

    Oh, and my cousin worked at a convenience store where she got robbed twice in one night. As soon as the cops left the first time, a second robber came in and she had no money for him. She managed to convince him, then promptly called the owner and said she was leaving permanently.

  3. I'm feeling your 'packratness'. I recently found a box of my high school text books and didn't get rid of them. Oh yeah, those are going to come in handy any day now!!

  4. Come on Anny...tell us something really wild you did

  5. Well done! And when I'm seriously ready to move, I'm calling you.

  6. Hmm.
    1. Hold a garage sale and I'll come!
    2. Add those boxes to your sale, unless you just can't part with them!
    3. I too sewed, but gave my machine to a daughter...who's never used it.
    4. Robbed at McDonald's? Scary!
    5. I believe in UFOs. We have people who wrestle in jello here...we can't be the most intelligent life form there is!
    6. Moving. You beat me and I moved with my husband's military and civilian jobs 15 times since being married.
    7. No TV or radio? I'd stay in school, too!
    Great blog!

  7. You're so interesting, Anny. I'm the opposite of a pack rat. LOL I love to gut things out once or twice a year. I'm not as bad as I used to be, for which my husband is grateful. *g*

    Being in a robbery is scary.