Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Cabin Fever

The last day the kids went to school was Friday, February 5th. Of the twelve days since then, there have been four possible days that the kids could play outside. That leaves eight days--eight days of unplanned, restricted activity. Cabin fever doesn't begin to describe it.

When the ticker line for school closings started scrolling across the TV screen, there was a state-wide parental groan. "NO!" But it turned out it wasn't so bad. Two hour delays for the rest of the week.

It's difficult when kids are home for even a couple of days. Usually parents fall back on the standbys of mall walking or a trip to McD's. But when the snow is higher than the car fenders, those options are out. That's when tempers flare and the movies are pulled out.

Movies only last so long. I can now quote every line for Shrek, Atlantis, Transformers, Star Trek... yeah, you get it.

Today the kids go back to school. And when the last one is on the bus, parents and caregivers all over the area will breathe a deep sigh, hoist their cups of java, and toast the plow drivers far and wide. Peace at last.



  1. My children tend to get the most creative in their play when I turn the TV off. Their favorite activity is to make "a clubhouse" in their room using pop-up soccer goals and blankets.

    Doesn't mean I like them to be home from school for long stretches though :)

  2. Your DOT drivers deserve a raise:)

    Mine are on a two-hour delay today, which means the youngest can go to his scheduled wrestling match tonight. With all the pent up energy, tonight should be a good one!

  3. It's had to have been really hard. Here someone says the word snoww and people start closing schools. We were closed last Friday but have to go tomorrow (Thursday) and Friday to make up for two snow days last month. I have a bad feeling though, they are going to decide that last Friday was a good excuse to give us an official furlough day and there goes a sizable chunk of my money.