Thursday, February 18, 2010


No, not the kind you wear in your hair. This kind. You know that very strange Olympic sport? The one that's a cross between bowling and shuffleboard? Yep, that one.

From the first time I saw curling on television I was fascinated with the minds that conceived such an interesting game. Of course, I could say the same for some of the other very strange competitions in winter sports. Of all of them, the biathalon makes the most sense to me.

The other thing I find intensely interesting on earth do people find their way to the odder sports? Do they just wake up one day and say, "I believe I'll take up bobsledding?"

I don't know. But for two weeks every four years we watch and marvel at the incredible variety of winter sports.




  1. I used to waitress in a restaurant that used to overlook a curling's a quite a bizarre sport. People would watch and eat. And other than the hightlights of Aussies at the Olympics, it means zip to me

  2. I've been watching every night and it has been a nice change of pace. I particularly enjoyed the skiing and snowboarding last night and the speed skating was wonderful. It's nice to see the American kids go so well but I can't help cheering for all of them, ya know? They've worked so hard at their sport.

  3. Curling is the one sport which baffles me the most. S asked last night if it was job-training for janitors, lol:)

  4. Living on the Canadian border, I've always seen curling on TV, and so on. Heh, makes as much sense to me as bowling or golf.

  5. I enjoy watching curling at the Olympics and other major events. I've been watching since the late 70s. I've never played, but I find it fascinating. A game of inches and skill.

    Amazing when Olympics rolls around how we all become fans of downhill skiing, bobsled, skeleton and luge. LOL