Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I'm Busy!

Have you ever noticed that you can be walking around or doing the dishes or folding laundry and no one says a word to you--not even to acknowledge you're alive--yet the minute you sit down with a book, everyone in the apartment has something they urgently need to discuss with you? Why is that?

You can spend the morning playing games on the computer and no one needs your input, but the minute you open up your work in progress three people have questions that must be immediately answered. Why is that?

You sit down to lunch and the phone rings. It hasn't made a peep all morning. Why is that? Bad timing? What?

I haven't quite figured out why it works, but it's as inevitable as the sunrise. I've learned to plan on it. Answer the questions, finish the discussions, take care of the phone call and then get back to whatever I was doing because none of them are going away. But I find it interesting that it always seems to work that way. What about you? How do you handle it?

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