Thursday, August 26, 2010

Smelling the roses...

Too much work and not enough play has been a problem--especially for women--for a long time. But for the "at-home" worker, it can be impossible to separate work from home responsibilities. There's no clear cut-off.

When you work outside the home, there are clear stop and start times for your work day. But when you work at home, there is a tendency to blur the times so you maybe have coffee and start after you do various chores. And then your "stop" stretches into the evening. Pretty soon, you're pretty much working from get-up to go-to-bed because there are so many interruptions. More and more the pressure to get-it-done (whatever "it" is) starts to overwhelm.

When the summertime schedule rolls around, it's worse. No doubt about it.

The combination of kids at home, summer activities and longer daylight hours can be a real killer--literally. The at home worker arises earlier and goes to be later and that's not good for the health. I've been attempting some down time in the evening.

Around eight p.m. I close down the computer and go into my bedroom and read. By ten p.m. I try to be asleep. I'm not sure I feel any better, but I'm enjoying the reading and there's no pressure to "get-it-done".

In the morning, the first hour is my down time. I read my e-mail, check out facebook and twitter, and write a blog for the day if I haven't written it the evening before. And then I start my writing day. As the household settles into a schedule once school starts, I suspect things will become even more defined.

In any case, I'm trying to stop and smell the roses a bit more. What about you? What is your down time activity?



  1. I do like to read, and I take time to watch TV with the guys a couple times each week. Current summer favorites? Eureka and Warehouse 13.

  2. Lately my down time has been the 45 minutes I wait at school (in my nice, close, parking spot, lol!) and read.

    But this week, as is with future weeks, my 'downtime' will be at the bookstore as I sort and catalogue books, and in the slow hours, I'll be able to read and get some writing accomplished. Just can't do it from home anymore. The household doesn't seem to 'get it'.

  3. Down time. Hmm. Sometimes I'll watch tv or read. I'll chat with Mr. Regina a bit. OR I'll email friends.

  4. I don't have the children aspect to fit into my day, but I hear you about the day extending far into the night. I've started turning my laptop off earlier. I watch TV with hubby and try to go for a walk/bike ride every day. I find if I give the exercise a miss I feel worse and get really cranky.

  5. Whether you are working outside or inside the home, both can create a host of complications. The only thing you can do is knowing your limitations, and taking steps to reduce responsibilities.

  6. We're on the same schedule in the evening. I read from 8 to 10 too:)