Monday, September 13, 2010

Piggs and Wolves

Heh. This picture reminds me of all the "new" versions that are popping up of old stories and fairytales. Hmmm. This one could be a western shifter romance with werewolves trying to wrest the Pigg widows' land from them. I can just imagine all sorts of exciting scenes between the three Widow Piggs and their wolfie men.

What do you suppose will happen? Will the wolves prevail? Will the ladies hold out against the virile wolves? Or will they all find true love when they unite to fight against some other predator?

That's the fun of "re-writing" an old story. You can provide the ending of your choosing. What is a story you would like to rewrite?



  1. I did the Snow Queen and early in 2011 I'm doing Snow White.

  2. Clearly, I'll be looking forward to that one!