Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Over the loooong weekend I decided to rearrange my office. As usual, the simplest plan bloomed into a chaotic mess.

My idea was to clear the stuff from one short section of wall so I could hang a bulletin board. Of course, that led to rearranging how my desk was situated...which led to something else that had to be moved. Pretty soon, half of the stuff in the office was sitting in the living room. Previously rigidly organized stacks of books, notebooks and papers are now jumbled messes. And the computer is sitting in it's component parts on any available flat surfaces.

I was coughing up a storm from the dust we raised. And we'd decided to cover the carpet with rubber matting to cut down on the dust--and help my asthma. And this meant? More furniture had to be moved to the living room.

At this point, the dog indicated her urgent need to go outside. I took a break, walked around with the dog and with her business finished, we headed back to the apartment. Near the front door, I tripped on a crack on the sidewalk, landing on my hands and knees.

Damage report: Scraped knees, right elbow, left wrist and hand, busted lip, twisted right knee and ankle. I sat there on the ground, wondering how I was going to get up. All the body parts I would use were bleeding or bruised. After a while I clambered to my feet (and that was not pretty) and went inside.

I cleaned up the scrapes, took some pain meds and went back to the chaos in my room. As the day wore on, my wrist complained loud and clear every time I moved it. Eventually, I gave in and went to have it x-rayed. According to the doctor, it's not broken.

So I still have a room with piles of notebooks and papers to sort. A new (longer) internet cable has to be run from the other side of our apartment so I can have internet access. And I have to find my hair brush.

How can a hair brush disappear? Don't ask.

And I think I threw out the kitty litter scooper by mistake.

Time for coffee.



  1. Owwwwww! Take care! Make the house hunk wait on you today!

  2. Oh, owwwwwie! Ouch! What a day! Sounds like mine of late. Take care of yourself, Anny!

  3. Hope your hands and knees recover quickly Anny...

    'Oh wheeeere is my hairbrush...
    Oh wheeeeere is my hairbrush...
    Oh where oh where oh where take care oh wheeeeeeeeeeeere
    Is my hairbrush?'

    Sorry....Veggie Tales moment:) (blame the triple shot of novacaine in my mouth!)

  4. Ouch. That hurts. I hope you're feeling better and that your office is back in shape.