Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Dead Wrong

So. I went to the dentist yesterday for a procedure they call deep cleaning. What that means is they clean way down below the gum line. Since mine are receded, that is really waaaaay down. To minimize the discomfort (notice how they always call PAIN discomfort?) the hygienist shot me up with a bunch of numby stuff.

It didn't work.

Actually, it wore off before she poked her first instrument in my mouth. I kept waiting for it to kick in. Nope. No such luck.

Now, I had a discussion with the hygienist prior to the procedure and indicated at that time that most numbing products a) take a long time to start working on me and b) don't work very long. She nodded and said she would give me extra.

So after the procedure--mouth is still throbbing--I indicated the numbing part was not a success. And this is what she said. "This is the strongest meds I can use because of your high blood pressure and diabetes."

What? Why not say something before hand???

All my life I've struggled with this non-working numbing issue at the dentist. For me, dental work equates to extreme pain. When compiling some medical history from my older relatives, I discovered the numbing stuff doesn't work for anyone in a particular branch of my family. Nor does it work for my kids. None of them. Grandkids... same thing. Stitches for wounds are not fun.

Try convincing doctors and dentists this is so. It's like you're speaking Swahili or Vulcan. They nod and ignore you.

So. Anyone else out there have this problem? Or am I the only strange one in this universe?