Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My Hearts

Today is Valentine's Day. A lot has been written about how it's a corporate construct designed to generate spending. That's all true. But if people didn't buy into that, it wouldn't generate squat.

I'm always appalled at the women who ask (on Facebook and other media), "What do you want your lover/boyfriend/husband/significant other to get you for Valentine's Day?"

Hello! Why would I expect anything? What is this gimme, gimme thing we have going on? Do I need another chocolate bar or bunch of dying flowers or piece of jewelry I won't ever wear?


Why not jointly donate money to your favorite charity? Or send those flowers to a lonely elder to brighten their day? Or bake some heart-shaped cookies for a neighbor?

Take your parents to breakfast or lunch. Mine are too far away so I sent them the money so they could afford to go out. They love to have breakfast before they do their weekly shopping. When I send them money in a card, they feel like they can enjoy their time out free of guilt.

Valentine's Day isn't about coupling. It's about sharing love with others. And it's about giving--not receiving. So, what are you ladies doing for your men? Really.

A card? A card??? Is that it?

What's his favorite pasttime? At the moment, mine enjoys playing computer games. So I got him a selection to entertain himself. No it wasn't expensive. And it was exactly what he wanted.

What did I get? He cooked me breakfast. He cooks breakfast everyday. And lunch. And usually dinner. I have plants throughout the apartment because he remembers to water them. The floors are vacuumed because he does that. And changes the sheets on the bed and the towels in the bathroom. Why does he do all of that?

So I can write...which is really what I want.

That's what I receive every day--not just for Valentine's Day.



  1. Sounds perfect to me!

    Happy Valentine's Day Anny.

  2. We've never done anything for Valentine's Day as a couple. However, we always make cards for the kids and the kids make cards for their friends.