Saturday, February 11, 2012

Map It!

Some people are map people. And some are not. If you're not a map person, your eyes will probably glaze over and you'll fight off the urge to doze.

For a map person, though, there will never be enough maps in the world. I'm a map person. I collect them. I display them. I draw them for my books. Without a map, I'm lost. For every book I've ever written there is a map. Maybe not elaborate, but I have one that tells me where the stores are located on "Main Street" and which direction the characters will travel to reach the beach.

The map above is the original map for Mystic Valley. It was colorful and detailed. With each book I added more notes and bits. Now it's time to update and re-do the map. Likely I'll just do it in black and white.

Some readers enjoy having maps to pore over while they read the story. Other totally ignore them. If you're a map person, check out the maps I have posted on my website for the Mystic Valley series and the Flowers of Camelot series.

In March, a new series of mine will launch from Siren-Bookstrand--Shadows on Stone (Tuathan Treasures 1). By then, I'll have the map for that series available on the website.

I think maps are important--particularly for fantasy series. Keeping all that information in your head is difficult without it. A map keeps the author on track. No, not everyone agrees. 

If you're a map person, though...check it out!


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  1. The only time I look at maps is a quick glance before I hit the road to an unknown destination. Good to hear about the new series and you're moving on to another publisher.