Friday, March 22, 2013

I Put on my Hat

After a long visit to the doctor yesterday that included receiving IV fluids and a change in meds, I trundled home via a stop for lunch and the aforesaid meds. And crawled into bed.

It's warm in my apartment. But there I was freezing, shivering under four blankets, miserable and feeling sorry for myself. My day was spiraling down, ever so swiftly. I was on the oh-woe-is-me treadmill. I was alternating my time with the covers over my head with brief periods of poking my nose out for a quick breath of 'fresh' air.

And THEN it occurred to me. Yes, an absolutely brilliant idea burst around my bleary brain. I would find my knitted winter cap and wear it! Actually, though fully dressed under the covers I was too cold to get up so the hunk dutifully tracked down the hat and brought it to me. And I put it on.

Within ten minutes, I was appreciably warmer. After a warm nap, I felt well enough to eat dinner--in my hat, of course. No doubt I looked quite silly, but I was comfortable.

I suspect we spend much of life refusing to accept the blindingly obvious. We need to put on our hats. Instead, we try all sorts of other solutions because...well, because knit caps are for outside, not inside, and certainly not for bed.

We would make lousy survivors because we would never see past the way-things-are-supposed-to-be. Live a little. Put on your hat.



  1. Hope the new meds (and the hat) do the trick!

  2. Wise words, Anny. Hope you're feeling better and warmer. Enjoy your hat!

  3. Yeah, put on your hat. I like it. Feel better, Anny. Sorry you're sick.

  4. Can't see you on the woe-is-me-treadmill. You're not a wuss. As for the hat? Yep,first aid 101 - cover the extremities - which leads to this question, if freezing, do men need to have extra cover on their penis for extra warmth? Just a stray thought...

  5. Hope the hat and new meds work, Anny. Feel better soon.

    1. I believe you're supposed to have your own encounter with the docs. I wish for you that everything goes well!