Monday, March 25, 2013

Spring! Spring!

We woke to a bit of snow this morning. I snapped the picture above from our balcony. I call this Fairyland Snow. It's exactly the right consistency and temperature to clump on the tree limbs. And It rarely lasts very long.

A lot of folks are grumbling about the snow this spring as though it's something unusual or extraordinary. I remember more than one snowy Easter from my younger days. Spring is the clash of the seasons between winter and summer so we get a bit of both.

One Easter Sunday my father (a minister) spent much of the day with a chain, towing church members from ditches they slid into. Back then, tow trucks were only called for the worst accidents.

Another Easter (when I was a teen), I was pouting because our family didn't do the new outfit for Easter. Hey! I was shallow enough to wish I had new Easter clothes, too. That Easter we woke to eight inches of snow on the ground--and more coming down. As we drove to our church, we passed another one on the way. I admit I watched those ladies dressed in their pretty pastel outfits with a secret smile as they waded through the snow. I, of course, was nice and warm in my winter clothes and boots.

And of course there were several Easters when it was a good thing the eggs we hid for the kids were plastic. And brightly colored! Some of those eggs we didn't find for several weeks...

I'm pretty philosophical about the weather. It is what it is. Prepare for anything. Have a hot mug of chocolate or coffee or tea. And watch the snow come down. A warm blanket and a good book can make the day better.



  1. A warm blanket and a good book sound just about right for today.

    1. Mmmmmm. That's the best thing about not working away from home!

  2. Not a big fan of snow. I expect I would be grumbling at the pukeability of it

  3. Oh pretty Anny! I'd love to see that white stuff in my backyard!