Saturday, October 19, 2013

Back to Front

The more you write, the stranger the process. I've written a book or two...or three. My current work in process is the first book I've written from ending to beginning. At forty thousand words, I realized I'd started in the wrong place.

After considerable cogitation, I went back to the beginning. Who were these people I was moving around on my internal chessboard? I had no idea. It took me three chapters to begin that discovery process. I still don't have it all down, but at least they've captured my attention. This is no small thing for the author. It's always a good thing if you like your own characters. Otherwise, why would anyone else?

As I've learned about my current crop of characters, I've also discovered things about the characters from the previous books in the series. Hmmmm. What will I learn about the couple coming up in the last book?

I admit this delay is costing me. I'd hoped to have this book finished long since. Life interferes. Perhaps that's another lesson to be learned.

Sometimes, life has to be lived back to front.



  1. No worries, Anny. Happens to all of us. The book will be done when it's done.

  2. Yeah, back to front works for me. Anyone can start at the beginning...