Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Nifty Stuff

 My friend Amarinda posted a blog about her nifty adventures working in an auto repair shop. And in that odd way, it reminded me of a time when 'nifty' was more than a descriptive word.

But before we move on to that, I'll just point out the hunk is particularly nifty when it comes to crocheting--witness his latest production--a lovely fitted king-sized cover for our bed! I wish I could crochet with such even stitches...

Now...on to one of my favorite memories from my school days--my Nifty Notebook. I loved mine. Heck, I'd probably still be using it, but for some odd reason, teachers and schools weren't as enamored of the Nifty. Maybe it was the 'snapping' sound the magnets made when you closed the pencil box in the top end. Maybe it was the top-punched, two hole paper.

I don't know. But for a time, it was the Niftiest Notebook around. Mine was blue. I miss my Nifty.
How about y'all? Anyone out there remember your Nifty?



  1. Actually I remember it because my parents used it, or at least sorta used nifty. Our generation said- cool!

  2. I like nifty and I feel it's timeless...as is the hunk. Is there nothing that man cannot do?