Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Killer Smile

Some people fear spiders. Others aren't crazy about snakes. But for sheer terror, I think the dentist comes in first. If you're like me and have difficulties with local anesthetics (they don't work!), then dentistry takes on an entirely new level of fear.

For MANY years, I simply refused to go because dentists didn't believe the local wasn't working. But I finally reached a point when it was cave in--or lose my teeth. Fortunately, this time around I stumbled into a clinic that genuinely understood and believed in me.

So I had a hygienist appointment today. And the news was pretty good. Gums are in great shape. Teeth required minimal cleaning. But there the gravy train ground to a halt. I have two cavities back in molar land. And one of those teeth has a hairline crack. Seems that fall yesterday probably did more damage than I thought.

On the other hand, when I go back to fix them, my dentist (very hot!) will numb my mouth to a fare thee well, and take care of my ancient senior teeth.

Life is good.

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