Saturday, July 5, 2014


Finished! While other folk picnicked or cooked on the grill, I watched movies and crocheted. And finally finished the never-ending project. For those who wanted it is.

Details: The project is crocheted in one piece with no seams. It's ten blocks wide and twenty blocks long with each block being twenty stitches wide and twelve rows high. That meant crocheting from twenty skeins every row. And every block is a different stitch. Dark blocks are Tunisian stitch. The light blocks are a mix of other stitches.

It's a heavy cuddly afghan that will keep me quite warm this coming winter. And though I don't remember ever keeping anything I've crocheted for myself, this mine.



  1. I love it...I'll bet it'll be great to cuddle under and read a book.

  2. Oh Anny! I'm in awe! Incredible!