Monday, July 28, 2014

Mondays, Company and Downsizing

First off the bat...the Send in the Clowns socks, redone and finished. Overall, despite having to unravel and reknit a big section on the second one, they came out great! another pair for the hunk. He'll have to pick his colors, but he seems to really like his first pair. He's a difficult person to find something to make with knitting or crocheting so I'm pleased he likes the socks.

Mondays. I'm not usually that excited about new weeks. They tend to blur from one week to the next when you're retired. However, this week we're getting ready for our granddaughters and my son to come for a visit, so that will perk things up some. Also I have an exciting visit to see my specialist to find out if I have to have an endoscopy. What more could I want to look forward to?

Company is a rare event at our house. We live a long ways from all our family so we tend to arrange things for our comfort instead of guests. Fortunately, we have plenty of warning this time so everything will be ready when they arrive--unlike when my parents used to call an hour before arrival and tell me to open an extra can of veggies for supper. And yes, they did that fairly often. We used to have a joke in the family: If you couldn't locate my parents, prepare for their imminent arrival. They've reached the age that prevents them from long range travel now...I think.

We're still downsizing. I'm thinking this visit will be a golden opportunity to give a few more things away. Without excessive postage or shipping. I've already started filling a box. *Rubs hands with glee...* What more can I pass along?

So, I'm off and running. It's going to be a busy week!

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