Thursday, March 22, 2018

Blue People

Back, long before there was an Avatar, there was Mystic Valley, land of the blue people. The Mystic Valley series was first published by a now defunct publisher. I'm slowly editing them for typos and time-line errors and republishing them.

Everything Lovers Can Know tells the story of how Jade and Baron (Merlyn) Llewellyn met and fell in love. After the End of the story, Jade and Baron end up trapped in Mystic Valley. Everything Lovers Can Know is available in e-book at Amazon.

The actual stories set in the valley begin with Dancer's Delight, the story of Dancer Devereaux's desperate flight from his enemies only to stumble into the strange, wonderful, weird world of Mystic Valley where the men are manly enough to wear kilt-like garments they call shardas and the women are both beautiful and wise. And the wisest, loveliest of them all, is Eppie, Dancer's mate and the daughter of Jade and Merlyn. Dancer's Delight is available in e-book at Amazon.

In Traveller's Refuge, Dancer's brother Traveller follows the clues left behind by his Dancer. In his case, he opts to bring along his friend, Bishop. Things don't go well for them. Trav is injured in an explosion that traps them in a cave. By the time they enter Mystic Valley, Bishop is anxious to locate someone, anyone who can help his friend Trav. While he recovers, Trav has plenty of time to fall in love with Eppie's sister, Wrenna, a sprite red-haired beauty that gives Trav a run for his money. Traveller's Refuge will be released July 1st.

Cherished Destinies, the next book, relates the love stories of Arano and Arturo, Eppie's brothers. Life isn't easy in the valley. And there are trials to face, but in the end, Arano overcomes all obstacles to bond with his mate, Silence.  Arturo struggles with loneliness and despair until Banisher offers him the wonderful gift of love .

In Love Never-Ending, Bishop finally gets his love story. Bishop is not happy to be stuck in the valley. He had a life outside the valley where he was perfectly happy. Not even the attractive Samara is enough to make him happy until he nearly loses her. Only then does he realize exactly what a prize he has.

Blue Paradise tells the story of PouseƩ, a young woman who is part of an invasion force. She quickly discovers she is on the 'wrong' side of the invasion when Jonson and Mali capture and claim her for their mate. But PouseƩ is no pushover as her mates soon find out.

Tracer's Lullaby, currently a work in progress, is the story of Tracer and his lover, Robyn, and Tracer's struggle to accept his destiny despite terrible tragedies and obstacles.


  1. I have been hoping for more books in this series

    1. Working on Tracer's story! Planning a couple more, based on time-line corrections in the early ones!