Tuesday, March 20, 2018


No doubt I border on antisocial. No doubt. But my #1 rule is don't do it. Don't open an email from someone I don't know. Don't answer a phone call from someone I don't know. Don't play a game (how old are you?/what's your favorite color?/how many answers can you get right?/etc.), ever. Don't ever give any personal information to anyone I don't know--for any reason. Don't open my door to anyone I don't know. KNOW who will never call/email you--IRS, FBI, any government agency...Microsoft or any computer company...any banking company (such as Paypal). If they DO email you, it will ONLY be on their site after you've signed in with a proper login/password.

Rule #2: See rule number one.

I've never understood the irresistible urge folks have to do anything in rule #1. About ninety percent of the phishing issues can simply be avoided by embracing rule #1.

Think about it.

Rule #3: No one is going to give you money over the internet or phone.


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