Friday, March 9, 2018


Over the course of their careers, most authors try writing short stories. Some find the short story format just isn't for them. Others really enjoy the challenge of fitting a complete story in with fewer words. I've written a few. Some were previously published. And...some weren't. But it seems a waste to let them languish on my computer just because they aren't as long as my other stories.

I thought about my options. One was to just toss a short story at the end of a book as a little lagniappe. But I find myself feeling cheated when an author does that, particularly when they don't mention it in the book description. Invariably, the book is far shorter than I anticipated because the author planned to add on the short story.

My second option was to use related short stories as an add-on with a series story. But then...what about the stories that don't have any related worlds? What to do with them?

Finally, I decided to just publish them in sets of two. I call them desserts because they're not long enough for a full meal. And really, isn't dessert the best part?

All of them will have the same cover. Most of them have been extensively revised and expanded to offer my readers a delicious experience. And they'll all be 99 cents.

So...keep an eye out for Romance Desserts: One. It will be coming out in May--something luscious to enjoy with the spring flowers and warm sunny days! 

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