Sunday, March 9, 2008

Dancer and Eppie's Interview Part 3

Eppie and Dancer from Mystic Valley continue their interview with author Anny Cook…

Dancer: It seems like you spent a lot of time talking about our private lives. Did you tell your readers anything about the actual valley?

Anny: Sure. Let’s see… I talked about the weird plants. And the animals. I think I already mentioned the clothing, especially the shardas.

Dancer: (edgily) Don’t go there. I don’t want to talk about wearing skirts anymore.

Anny: (tartly) You’re going to live in the valley a loooong time. Get over it. The way you’re carrying on, you would think you were the only one wearing a sharda. As far as I could tell all the men wear them. Ooooh…I never thought of the potential for that. Seven hundred men in shardas and no underwear…

Eppie: Maybe we should talk about food, instead.

Anny: All right, let’s talk about food. I heard a lot of mention about rowan stew. Exactly what is a rowan?

Dancer: (coughing to cover a laugh) Ah, rowan. Yeah. Hmmm. Well a rowan is an animal that is something between a cow and a horse. Their chief characteristic seems to be the huge quantities of manure they produce which is bartered with the farmers.

Anny: Barter?

Dancer: (shrugging) There’s no money in the valley. Each village has a barter keeper who keeps track of who owes what. Actually, it’s a pretty efficient system.

Anny: What do you barter, Dancer?

Dancer: (blushing) In the valley, I was allowed a certain amount of barter credit as soon as Eppie was pregnant. Uh, it seems that fertility is worth barter credit. Imagine being paid to—

Anny: Yes, well, that’s probably too much information.

Eppie: So, Anny! What's this we heard about the wonderful reviews our story is receiving? Readers like our story?

Anny: Of course they like your story! It has everything they could ask for! And that's exactly what the reviewers are saying!

Dancer: I don't know... Are you sure about that? I mean how do you know?

Anny: Well Fallen Angels Reviews gave your story Five Angels. That's a wonderful review! Here! I just happen to have the link handy so you can read it for yourself!

Eppie: That's a very nice review, Anny! Did you say someone else liked the book?

Anny: Hoo-boy, I almost forgot! Don't know how I could forget about Jacqueline's Review! It was great! Here's that link! Just see what she had to say! See? Isn't that great?

Dancer: (scratches head) They really liked our story. I can't wait to see what they think of the other stories. Who did you say you wrote stories for?

Anny: Traveller's Refuge is about Trav and Wrenna. Cherished Destinies is about Arano and Arturo. And I'm working on Bishop's story. Boy is he stubborn!

Dancer: Yeah, he was. But Samara's whipped him into shape.

Eppie: Probably because he likes schalzina and shardas and schelas...

Dancer: Hey! I thought we weren't gonna talk about schelas!

Anny: (slyly) Well, only a little.

This wraps up the interview with Dancer and Eppie. Come back tomorrow for another thrilling blog by Anny.

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  1. I'm awed that your characters sit down and communicate with you so pleasantly. Mine are much more opinionated and demanding. I doubt they'd ever grant me an interview after the way I mess about in their lives.

  2. Poor Dancer, locked between all that estrogen. It's perfectly understandable that he'd be nervous.

  3. This was great, Anny. Can't wait to read Dancer!

  4. Great interview. I still say you're lucky it wasn't Traveller. Of course Bishop's methods of interrogation are certainly ...interesting.

    I just discovered today that inside the cover of Dancer's Delight, one of the review quotes is me! I was astonished. Thanks for the mention. I was in fact, hocking your book today at my book group. The guys are a bit reluctant to take on a romance, but I'm working on them.