Sunday, March 16, 2008

He's still a guy...

The househunk and I don't usually go out after dark--partly because I don't see well at night--and partly because if we do, when we come home there aren't any parking spots. Anyway, last night we had to go out to pick up our computers from BestBuy.

One thing that I want to mention... BestBuy has the Sony e-reader in stock. If you want to see one in person and play touchy feely, then look in the computer department. They carry the second generation version. I was so excited I'm sure they thought I was deranged but it was so cool that a "regular" store carried it. Yes! You can also check it out on

Anyway, when we got home, naturally there were no parking spots within hiking distance, let alone a spot you wanted to carry heavy boxes from so I waited in the car (double-parked) while the househunk trotted back and forth with the boxes. Normally I don't listen to the radio or a cd unless we're on a road trip, but I punched the radio button on exactly in time to hear a Brad Paisley song, "I'm still a guy."

I was so taken with the song that when I finally was back at my computer I looked up the lyrics. Check it out, especially if you aren't familiar with the song. I think it should be the theme song for romance writers because it encompasses everything we should be remembering when we write those alpha/beta/sensitive men in our books. Sometimes... we forget that they're still guys.

Because they're guys, they think differently, feel differently, function differently than women. They have totally different priorities and goals. We would do well to remember that even as we're writing fantasy, the reason we enjoy the story is because they're guys, with all that implies both good and bad.

Women worry about all sorts of things from whether he will think they're fat, to whether he will stray because she's not interesting enough. As one man told me..."we're easy. All the woman has to do is show up." So when we're writing that male viewpoint we need to be very careful that we don't hang feminine motives and priorities on them. It's tough enough just being a guy.


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  1. ..."we're easy. All the woman has to do is show up." Hmmm...not sure how I feel about that statement. Not excatly flattering but it is to the point.

  2. And truthful. I loved the lyrics, Anny. Good catch.

  3. Haven't heard that song yet but I'll bet it's a great video. Great lyrics.