Monday, March 24, 2008

Week of Release

Time stops for the author in the week that their book is scheduled for release. There are a million things to do and all of them are spelled P-R-O-M-O! If you look in the upper right hand corner of this blog you'll see a list of chats.

What is a chat you may ask? Well, most of them are sites located on Yahoo where people can exchange information, ideas, or just about anything else that they want to exchange. The sites listed are specifically designed for authors and readers to meet and talk. During a scheduled chat, the author may post excerpts from her books (or his books!), run a contest, pose questions, answer questions, or just about anything else they can think of to promo their books.

You may notice that I have several chats lined up. I invite you to drop by and check it out! Daffodil will be released March 28. So no telling what I might get up to in the name of promo.

Other things that may happen in that last week include FLEs, blogging about the new book, or changing the website to promote the new book. Thankfully my FLEs were done last week. FLEs are the final line edits that must be done before the book is released. So YAY, my FLEs are done!

As for changing the website, I did a little sprucing up earlier in the week. Made sure that things were up-to-date. And now, except for small changes this month, I'm done with that. I enjoy messing around with my webpages so I like to keep them current. Strangely, that's a task that I don't find difficult.

So that leads us to blogging...

Daffodil coming out March 28! Here's a small snippet!

Timmy grabbed a hot yeasty roll from the bread basket, tore it apart and dunked it in the smoking stew. Lifting the dripping bread to his mouth, he took a hearty bite and sighed with relief. It was delicious. The cook was probably a troll, he speculated. They were the best cooks in the kingdom. Without further hesitation, he dug in. He had polished off the stew and was nearly finished with the chicken pot pie when he heard the name “Sidney” from the booth behind him.

Pausing in his eating he listened intently.

“Oh please! What kind of idiot keeps a pet rock?” A male with a whiney light tenor voice exclaimed.

“When you’re the king you can have any kind of pet you want—even a rock,” A deeper voice replied and with horror, Timmy recognized Florian LeFleur was the speaker.

Tenor voice laughed heartily. “That’s exactly why we need a new ruler. Tomorrow morning I’ll take Sidney to the blacksmith and borrow his anvil and sledge hammer. When I finish, Sidney will just be a pile of marbles.”

Florian growled. “Don’t be stupid, Nigel. All that will do is make the king angry. You’ll screw the plan and your mother will lock you away with the pixies. Quit screwing around with the damned pet rock. Everything is under control. Our spies have informed me that my ex-butler, Raulf has talked that idiot Gareth into giving Daffodil to him. It should be very easy to snatch her right from under his nose.”

“The butler did it, huh?” Nigel chortled in glee. “I always wanted to say that.”

Timmy heard Florian sigh gustily. “I cannot believe Morgana is your mother. She must be tearing her hair out. No wonder she suffers from PMS. I would have drowned you at birth. Get me the damned pet rock so I can return it to the king. We don’t want him to suspect a thing. Then go to the turkey races like you said you were going to.”

“What? I don’t want to go to the turkey races! I decided to go visit the ladies at the Triple T,” Nigel declared petulantly.

“No. Do as you’re told. If Nathan’s spies can’t find you where you’re supposed to be, it will mess up the plan.” Timmy felt the seat shake when Florian shifted impatiently. “Do it tonight because I have to meet Ninian at the Hieney Estate tomorrow.”

Want more? Only five more days...


Drop by Amarinda's Place at to check out what she's up to. Then pop over to Kelly's Blog at to find out if she's still chasing UFOs. Today I launch a new group blog at where the subject is Wonder Woman all week long. Drop by to find out what my view of Wonder Woman is...

Blessings on your day!


  1. I never understood the pet rock thing but I think it's brilliant here. Poor defenseless rock.

  2. The blog looks great. Wishing you many sales.

  3. Oh good, you're chatting again this week. I missed today's. Darn those grown-up responsibilities.

  4. My sinuses finally decided to quit torturing me around dinner time. And then I had forgotten about your LRC chat! Just read all the excerpts and posts...can't wait for KSL, WH, and Daffodil!