Wednesday, August 13, 2008

At last I'm free!

So I've been struggling for the last few weeks with my current work in progress. Actually, I've been wrestling with a bunch of them. My mind pretty much feels like a bunch of rattlesnakes having an orgy in a gunny sack. There's a lot of action, but not much is getting accomplished.

Anyway, this morning I arose, went through my usual morning routine of pills, poke the finger, eat, pills, read the e-mail... and finally settled down to more snake sex when much to my alarm, somebody started banging on the door. Since I'm the cautious type, I peeked out through the peep hole and saw--nothing. Bam, bam, bam--nope, nobody out there. Then I thought it might be the little kids from the next building that love to run up and down the stairs knocking on doors. So I whipped the door open and came face to crotch with some guy down on his knees in the hallway (actually right in my doorway). Both of us were a little startled. Seems that the powers that be decided that the carpeting in our hallways and stairwells needed to be replaced.

Gave that fellow a friendly nod and shut the door. Installing carpeting is a noisy job with much banging and hammering. So I didn't accomplish anything excerpt load the dishwasher until the house hunk came home. At the time, I was just reading a work in progress that I had set aside as it had stalled. But an idea came to me and I started messing around with that and by eight o'clock I had added some two thousand words so evidently, that is now my new work in progress.

What is the point of this meandering? Sometimes you have to let go. I was determined that I was going to write that other story. It was next on my arbitrary schedule. Until I was willing to move on to something else, my heart and head kept saying NO. Now I'm not sure that this story which I've temporarily named Plane Crash will be the next one that I actually finish and submit. But for the moment, it's the one I'm working on. Then we'll see how it goes.

All I do know is that at last I'm free!



  1. "like a bunch of rattlesnakes having an orgy in a gunny sack" - only you Anny

    Writing - hard, bum numbing work. Thankfully I have sufficient bum to stop permanant nerve demage

  2. Hmm. That's quite a visual. Lol. I really dislike days like that.SOmetimes those characters are so damn stubborn.
    I personally think your wah was messed up by the carpet guys.

  3. Horrah! You're free the snakes are free!! I've been doing the same until I put everything aside and started fresh on a brand spanking new one. I've been trying to convert some currently begun manuscripts which won't convert and now I'm not looking at them. Whew. It's been great to start fresh and get excited about a project all over again.

  4. Ooh, I've been waiting for the plane crash story. YAY!

  5. That happens to me, too. I get an idea for a different book - either entirely new or a stalled wip - and I have to go with that one. The muse is funny.

  6. 2K! Excellent!
    Its sometimes easier to give in to the muse than fight her.