Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Fay... day 87

I've come to the conclusion that Fay is the storm that won't go away. It's still noodling around in upper Georgia. No telling when it will just get a clue and go away. Meteorologists try to put a good face on it, but even they are bored to death with Fay. Fay, Fay, go away!

It always cracks me up when a new tropical storm appears on the horizon. The weather guys get all excited. Their voices are hyped up and you would think that a major catastrophic event was imminent. Folks on the east coast and folks on the west coast need to keep an eye on this storm! It could go anywhere!

Well, yeah. That's the truth. Witness Fay who couldn't make up her mind. Think I'll go over here... Whoops, that wasn't where I wanted to go... Think I'll just sit here a while and rain on Melbourne... Ah, shoot, wrong Melbourne... Which way is Australia?

Now we have Tropical Storm Gustav out there fiddling around in the Carribean. At the moment, Gustav is pretty much following the track of Fay. How thrilling. I think if I lived in Florida I might consider heading to California. Somewhere on the way to the land of the earthquakes, I bet I could find a place to settle down.

Someplace where it doesn't rain cats and dogs...



  1. I am annoyed there never seems to be a Cyclone Janet or Tropical Storm Amarinda...

  2. Or a Regina! Of course Hurricane Rita hit the Texas coast not long ago. Heard from my sister yesterday. She's from Florida but was in Nevada getting her son settled in school. They returned home to a flooded situation, a collapsed ceiling and their fridge had bit the dust in the middle of it all...the food was ruined and had to be tossed. Soooo in the middle of the emotion of moving her son clear across the country, she came home to THIS. GRRRR. I just wanted to cry for her.

  3. Never a Cindy either, AJ. Though my mother often claimed I was enough of a natural disaster all on my own.

    Rita, so sorry for your sister. Will keep her in my thoughts.

  4. I haven't heard of a Kelly either but I've been out of the country most my life, so maybe I missed it. I did hear a legitimate argument from a woman who was upset there wasn't a hurricane named after the african-american names. Hurricane Luquisha. I think she's got a point.

  5. Don't give our rain away yet. We've been suffering a nasty drought here for the last few years. So bad the governors of several states are threatening to duke it out over rights to the Hooch river.