Saturday, August 2, 2008

Hsssst! It's the Coppers!

When we arrived home from shopping the other day there were several police cars in our parking lot. People were standing around. Bubble lights were flashing. What is the fascination we have with police cars?

All it takes is one cop car with flashing lights and people come out of the wood work to have a look. Fire trucks and ambulances are a close second. I have a feeling that is true for most people until the time that one of those emergency vehicles is there because of them. Then its a different story.

I remember my first personal encounter with a police car. We lived in Arizona. I was oh... maybe eight or nine years old. My mom was driving from a small town, Hayden, to a larger town, Globe and back then a lot of the roads were graded gravel. Anyway, she was driving along when the car started sliding toward the edge of the road. At that point, one edge of the road went straight down. The other side of the road was a sheer cliff that went straight up. So her choices were--go over the edge?--or try to steer the car into the cliff? She went for the cliff.

The car rolled, ending up on it's side. That was waaaaay before the era of seatbelts so we tumbled around in the car. In the trunk, the food for the pot-luck supper also tumbled all over. Since it was also before the era of Tupperware...well it was a mess. Baked beans, fried chicken and potato salad was strewn across the trunk.

Mom stood on the side window (which was on the gravel) and pushed the topside door open. Then she hoisted each of us kids up and out, finally crawling out herself. We were in the middle of nowhere in the desert. I had on a red sweater that day. She sent me down around the curve in the road to flag down the next car that came along. It just so happened that it was an unmarked police car.

I remember being absolutely fascinated by their telephone in the car. I don't profess to understand exactly what electronics they were using at that time (probably actually a two way radio), but I still remember the thrill of talking to my dad on the car "telephone". And I still remember how safe I felt because the police were there and they were going to take care of everything.

So maybe, that's the ultimate fascination. Visible representatives of safety.



  1. I can't believe you remembered what you were wearing! Isn't it funny the things that stick out when something traumatic happens?

  2. The idea that the Police, whether we know a specific officer or not, will make us safe. Help us if we are ever in need. Give us hope when needed most. I live in that fantasy world, don't take me out of it, please!

    Anny, how you can give such wonderful insight into our thinking and help us see an everyday occurence with wit and humor. I have to say story, blog, or book, I love your writing.

  3. Heh, Regina! That red sweater was the REASON I was sent down the road because it was so visible.

    Susie! Haven't heard from you in a while! Thank you for your comments. How's your summer been?

  4. What a thankless job those men and women have. Next time you pass one on the way in or out of a store, take a second to smile in greeting. I always do because it may end up being me in need of rescue next.