Saturday, January 31, 2009

Cleaning the Pouch

When's the last time you cleaned out your purse? Come on, now. Fess up. I am a terrible terrible packrat when it comes to my purse. It nearly takes an act of Congress to get me to clean out my purse... or if I buy a new purse. Then of course, I can't put all the old stuff in there.

Recently, I bought a new purse (that came with a new wallet) so you can see that this was a double whammy as I had to clean out both purse and wallet. I found the most amazing collection of papers... receipts, business cards, notes, grocery lists.

In one pocket in the old purse I found a twenty dollar bill. Hmmm. That could be incentive to clean out my purse more often. That same pocket had three pennies, a paper clip, a chapstick and a purple pen.

What's the strangest thing you carry in your purse? At one time I had a roll of duct tape, a multi-tool, and a Swiss army knife--the real deal with about twenty tools. Of course it's missing the toothpick. Have you ever noticed that the toothpick always seems to be the first thing to go?

What do I have in my purse? Wallet, Sony reader, sugar meter kit, inhaler, medication, notepad/folder, sticky pad (bright yellow), tissue packet, reading glasses, brush, six pens (various colors), cell phone, cough drops, Zone bar, flashlight, nail file and clipper, small Swiss army knife, and address book. Of course, you understand that's after I cleaned it out two weeks ago.

The thing that puzzles me is what to do with all the other stuff I accumulate over time. It's all good stuff. I just don't have any other place to keep it. I usually end up leaving it in the old bag until I decide to switch bags again. Then I move it to the new old bag.

Maybe I should just carry a suitcase...



  1. This is funny. I hate cleaning out my purse. Grocery store receipts, assorted pieces of gum and mints, change that I was too lazy to put in my wallet. The occasional paper clip. And someone please tell me WHY I need to carry three or four tubes of lipstick that are all basically the same color???

  2. more reasons why I rarely carry a purse. Wallet and cell phone go into the two back pockets of jeans. Sometimes a small comb. Lip balm in front pocket. Voila! Purses are only for trips when I want stuff in the car with me.

  3. My purse has 5 things in it: my phone, my wallet, a pen, a notebook, and my keys. I tend to call it a "free-range pocket" rather than "purse."

    Nuttin' to clean. Never understood how other women can find so much stuff they have to haul around everywhere they go.

  4. So it appears that are purse people and non-purse people. And clearly, I'm one of those purse people. (Rolling eyes)! Maybe it's my generation or maybe it the part of the country I came from.

  5. I'm a hybrid - I carry a purse but it tends to be pretty tidy on the whole. I switch purses with some regularity and like to just be able to transfer my wallet, phone and keys with ease. Stray papers are trashed pretty frequently. Don't really wear makeup so that's not an issue. Also, the smaller the purse I carry, the less chance my kids have to load it down with THEIR stuff :)

  6. Oh baby, I'm the pursiest purse person you've ever met.

    I have probably no less than fifteen pens, a wallet, cell phone, notebook, two different books I'm reading, perfume oil, several lip balms, two inhalers, a ridiculous amount of loose papers and receipts, some pretty rocks, random jewelry, several cross stitch projects, a camera, a checkbook, business card case and God alone knows what else!