Thursday, January 8, 2009

Word Verification

Wow! What a lovely surprise! Dianna at Night Owl Romance reviewed Magnolia and gave it 5/5 and a Reviewer Top Pick. If you'd like to read the review check it out by clicking on the NOR icon above. It was very nice to read pretty things about my book! Thank you Dianna and Night Owl Romance.

Anne Boling at Review Your Book also reviewed Magnolia and gave it a 5 stars! Thank you Anne and Review Your Book. If you'd like to read the complete review, click on the link!

As many of you who read blogs regularly know, a lot of the blogs are set with a word verification facility so that you must type these weird letter combinations before your comment is accepted.

Now most of my friends know that I'm a strange bird, maybe you could even say I'm a crack pot, but since I'm basically harmless, they put up with me. So it seems to me that all these "one-use" words are being wasted. After all, it's a lot harder to make up a word than you might think. I know, as my Mystic Valley glossary has four pages of made up words.

So I started collecting the ones that looked interesting. I have several pages of them now. And I've come up with a use for them. One of my characters uses them for swear words because she's trying not to swear. After all, when you smash your thumb with a hammer, you need a nice satisfying word to say instead of "Oh, darn!" So that's what I'm using my list for.

Some of the best ones almost sound like real words... unnessu, evervit, skegalio, iressnit... Can't you just hear it now? "Skegalio! Aminedeb! Badsalk!" Satisfying without messing with the little ones' ears.

The catch for my character is that she can't use the word more than once so she carries around a list and crosses off the word when she uses it. I'm running out of suitable words. So if you come across a particularly appropriate one, send it along. I'll keep track. Who knows? Maybe you'll end up in the book? Aescomic!



  1. Will keep my eyes peeled for weirdness for your use, darling. Pages of these, huh? Only you, Anny.

  2. Check my blog posts in either Dec or Nov. I think I posted some doozies!

    Today's is 'hascebal', and I 'haz a ball' reading your books!

  3. Mine is roffie. Sounds too cute for a swear word! Great idea though and what's the reason she can only use them once? I know you have one. I'm dying to hear it.

    Congrats on the fabulous review.

  4. I have a strange experience with all those 'words' in the verification box! They always say close to something, that matches my mood !

    Great news about the review! Congrats!

  5. Here are some interesting ones I've found

    anestria - Sounds Like A Place
    unisat - Sounds Like An Organization

  6. Heh! Thank you so much for all your contributions. I've started a new page! Kelly, I'll have to hold off on sharing the reason for that for now!

    Keep the words coming!

  7. suphop

    Almost any word starting with a consonant and containing consonants can do -- those vowels just don't make good swear words. Here's some ideas:


  8. Flermia sounds like a place or a title. Great use of made up words. I enjoy the blog and will have to try to write down interesting ones as sometimes I see 3 or 4 a day.