Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Spirit of generosity

I had another post prepared for today, but a friend has been struck by tragedy and I find that I just can't ignore that.

Frequently when disaster knocks on the door, the very best in our neighbors and friends comes out of hiding. I am so proud of the generous spirit of my fellow writers, editors, and other co-workers.

Will their generosity reverse the disaster that has befallen our friend? No, but hopefully it will ease the terrible burdens set upon her. Our prayers and thoughts are with you, M and family.



  1. I have the same sad. It's unfathomable. Nothing will truly help, but I'm hoping it will offer a bit of comfort in this awful time.

  2. M and her husband will be facing difficult decisions ahead. I've been in a similar situation and there is no easy solution. There's only acceptance of whatever happens. I hope they can find the strength to get through it all.

    I'm unable to participate with the other authors on the Project (I don't write short stories) but I did contribute otherwise. Their lives have irrevocably changed going forward. I hope our contributions will help mitigate the pain.

  3. Truly every family's worst nightmare. Already writing my story for the fundraiser. And I am extremely proud to be part of such a supportive community.