Tuesday, February 17, 2009

By the books...

There a little debate going one... some say that people don't read anymore. I think people read more. TV is really becoming a vast wasteland. It's winter so it's too dark and too cold to go outside. You can only play so many games of solitaire before you go brain dead.

I know that I read more now--especially since I can buy such a variety of books as e-books. So I'm putting a little poll up in the corner. Tell us how many books you generally buy per month. We'll check it out on March 1st and see what we have.



  1. It's true that people are reading fewer books--all publishing and book buying statistics show that to be the case. But it's also true that people are reading more fiction than they used to. So maybe you're both right.

  2. I honestly find I'm buying fewer books these days but I read all the time. Mainly snippets of other very fine authors' work plus writing my own stuff. I would never have imagined that becoming a writer would cause me to read less. It's weird.